Who we are


Output Consulting combines many years of highly complementary skills, and experience, working with leading specialist organisations and individuals from across the print, design and paper sectors. This culminates in a fantastic flexible and on-demand resource that enables us to deliver to customers, exact and diverse needs. We refer to these associations as our collaborators with a shared purpose.

Dave Cooling


Insightful, strategic and tenacious, with 17 years main board director level experience within one of the fastest growing and also the UK's largest paper merchants, leading sales, business development, purchasing and marketing functions to deliver value based competitive advantages. An insatiable progressive results driven appetite combined with a challenging, yet grounded approach that stretches thinking and inspires ambition. Identifying potential, meticulous planning and a rarely surpassed positive enthusiasm provide a powerful business development resource.

Martin Webster


An excellent communicator and people person with over 30 years' senior level experience encompassing both print production and paper merchant marketing that drives supply chain effectiveness. It is this experience combined with a 'will do' attitude that engages all to find the best solutions and exceed expectations. A positive and progressive business ethos, characterised in a genuine warm personality, make Martin not only a pleasure to work with, but a highly effective resource, valued by both suppliers and clients alike.